2023 3rd International Conference on Intelligent Power and Systems (ICIPS 2023)


Organizing Committee 

Conference Honorary Chairs


Prof. Xiaoxin Zhou, China Electric Power Research Institute, China

Academician of China Academy of Sciences,IEEE Fellow


Prof. Yonghua Song, University of Macau, China

Academician of Academia Europaea (The Academy of Europe)-Foreign

Academician of Royal Academy of Engineering

Conference General Chair 


Prof. Jizhong Zhu, South China University of Technology, China(IEEE Fellow

Technical Program Committee Chairs


Prof. Peng Wang,Nanyang Technological University,SingaporeIEEE Fellow


Prof.  Yinquan Yu, East China Jiaotong University, China(IEEE Senior Member)

Organizing Committee Chair


Prof. Jianquan Zhu, South China University of Technology, China(IEEE Member

Organizing Committee

Prof. Junbo Zhang,South China University of Technology,China IEEE Senior Member

Assoc. Prof. Yun Liu, Shenzhen University,China(IEEE Member)

Assoc. Prof. Weiye Zheng, South China University of Technology,China(IEEE Member)

SN ENGR.Hucheng Li, Electric Power Research Institute of Jiangsu Province, State Grid Electric Power Co.,ChinaIEEE Member

SN ENGR.Jinyong Lei, CSG Electric Power Research Institute,China

ENGR.Shiwu Liao, Jiangsu Electric Power Research Institute, State Grid Jiangsu Electric Power Co.,ChinaIEEE Member

Assoc. Prof.  Haixiang Zang,Hohai University,ChinaIEEE Member

Assoc. Prof. Zicheng Liu, Huazhong University of Science and Technology,China

Assoc. Prof. Liting Tian, Tsinghua University,ChinaIEEE Member

Prof. Weidong Cheng, Beijing Jiaotong University,China

Prof. Guiqing Zhang, Shandong Jianzhu University ,China

Technical Program Committee

Prof.  Zhaoyang Dong,Nanyang Technological University,Singapore(IEEE Fellow)

Prof.  Qinglai Guo, Tsinghua University, China(IEEE Senior Member

Prof.  YuboYuan , Jiangsu Electric Power Research Institute, State Grid Electric Power Co., China

Prof.  Zhiyong Yuan, CSG Electric Power Research Institute, China

Prof.  QingshanXu, Southeast University, China

Prof.  Yalong Yang, Anhui Jianzhu University, China

Prof.  Wenzhi Chen, Zhejiang University, China

Dr.  Junhua Li,  Chinese Society for Urban Studies, China

Prof.  Bin Hao, Shenzhen Institute of Building Research Co., China